Remember the Polar Vortex from last year? When it was cold and snowy all winter? Right, welcome to winter in Alaska. Except that during the Polar Vortex we had something like Tropical Vortex going on. While it was cold wet and snowy it was 50˚ in January, we lost all our snow, it was so sad, well actually not true. I did feel bad for cities down in the Lower 48, that’s what we call you all down there, the Lower 48, that were totally unprepared for snow and cold but I kind of enjoyed a January that was warm. 

Well you’re going to experience that yet again because guess what?? You probably haven’t heard about but we’ve got Typhoon Nuri sailing on over from Japan bringing winds over 120 mph. After it whips the Bering Sea into a frenzy it’s going to reconfigure the Jet Stream and send a little Polar Vortex your way.

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Please be prepared! If you stay home please do, stay warm and dry, maybe stock up on some fresh drinking water and make sure you have plenty of ready to eat food.  If live between the Great Lakes and Texas it’s going to be cold and nasty sooner than on the East Coast but down worry it’ll get to you too! And I know this sounds stupid but don’t use your bbq grill in your house, so dangerous!