When it gets closer to a “food holiday” I feel like I need a meal plan, more than any other time of the year. Except if we’re broke then I think that’s the ultimate time for a meal plan. But food centric holidays, when the food is wedged in the fridge like a master tetris player stacked the blocks just right for maximum drop, come in a close second or maybe even an equal tie. For us I guess I’m talking mainly about Thanksgiving, Christmas and probably Fourth of July too, days when we’re having specific food made for a gathering of friends or family.

The Scenario:

Thanksgiving. Any Year. Anytown USA.

You do the shopping, get everything home, put it all away and feel like an olympic athlete who completed a grueling 4 hour workout complete with screaming children who don’t belong to you and grocery bags that fail while holding a 20 pound turkey.  You’re getting ready for company coming over, oh you know just doing those insane tasks like cleaning THAT closet that never gets used ‘but just might get used so I better straighten it out’, you’re 2 hours into a 15 minute spot clean, suddenly one of your children, that one that’s always hungry groans out a “what’s for dinner?” Your head spins, eyes cross, you see red but then, then your eyes come to rest on that scribbled slip of a meal plan and you see “crispy baked burritos” and the night is saved. You set the hungry one to starting dinner, the other child can set the table while you finish whatever crazy task you set for yourself and life is good. Disaster averted, children being helpful, things getting done, life is good. 

 Lives have been saved by this scribbled meal plan. 

So I’m writing this now and going oh yeah I need a meal plan, not some vague I think I’ll do _____ or ______ but a real meal plan so what I make on Monday doesn’t actually use something I need for Thursday because if there is one place I never want to be is the grocery store, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, in a small town. There’s no way I want to use up a special ingredient just because I didn’t have a plan, so a plan I must have. And while I’m planning I’ll add in those things I need to make beforehand so not only are we not eating any of the specialty items but I’m actually making a plan to get major food prep done too. 

Friday-pizza night, fresh veggies, green salad 

Saturday-pierogies, homemade second attempt post coming soon-(get out your stretch pants!)–retrieve turkey from the freezer and set to thawing

Sunday-Roast-probably actually a pot roast which will give us dinner Monday as well, roasted fall vegetables, green salad–make pie crusts, flatten and freeze for pie making 

Monday-Beef vegetable soup with rice OR Beef Shepherds Pie, green salad, roasted green beans–bake pumpkin roll

Tuesday-Crispy Baked Burritos, Mexi Tots(!!!), salad with salsa–make cheese sauce, make mashed potatoes

Wednesday-Pesto Glazed Salmon, rice, steamed veggies, green salad–roast cabbage, make pies

Thursday-Turkey and so much food! pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie,