A post to share your thrifted finds, whether you plan to sell them, keep them or give them, share them here first.

I’m in purge mode, much like I spent a LOT of January and February this last winter. I just have too much stuff and I suddenly realized (AGAIN) that every single thing I have that I don’t love is like a dead cluttered mess dragging me down. Having to clean around stuff or figure out where to STORE stuff is just not my idea of fun. So I spent the last week picking out 4 things a day I need to just let go of. I stop on the way from picking up kids and drop them in the donate bin at the local grocery store where I know once I drive away there’s no going back. It feels so good and things that I’ve been glaring at because I DON’T know what to do with them are just suddenly gone. 

I did however purchase a few things. 

I picked up these great Toms boots off of ebay. I’ve already waterproofed them, worn them a couple of times and decided they are perfect until cold weather hits. And talk about comfortable, THEY ARE extremely comfortable and the leather is supple and soft! I’m slowly finding new shoes and boots that fit and feel good after sticking pretty close to Keens and Danskos after my foot and ankle surgery all those years ago. Plus going up a half a size to accommodate a bigger wider foot meant every single pair of shoes or boots I owed pre-surgery minus a pair of rubber boots no longer fit.

And I picked up this great purse. 

I think it’s homemade. I think in it’s former life it used to be a small rug. I also think it’s roomy and perfect for carrying a load of stuff without going all reusable grocery bag on my (non)fashionable self. Yes I will proudly carry a rug bag as long as it serves a good faithful purpose. 

What are you buying? I’d love to see it!