I’ve just finished up here in Anaheim at PMA, Produce Market Association, Fresh Summit. The numbers I saw on twitter looked like there were 22,000 through the doors in two days. No wonder my feet are shot and anytime someone says hi I try to shake their hands, that was a lot of networking in 18 hour days. 

Friday was all about the sessions, digital media marketing, color trends in the floral industry, product transparency, even a workshop on how gen z will change the face of demand, and so many more. Sure a lot of them don’t apply to me but you’d be surprised what you can learn from the people who are selling their products or who study color trends and shape the industry. 

And the samples of products were never ending. Watermelon, Jack Fruit, Cacao Smoothies, Kale Chips, Avocados 35 different ways, Berries, Figs, on and on and on. I met some great new brands too, Stoneridge Orchards, Bolthouse Farms, Mucci Farms, Garden Gourmet, Giorgio Mushrooms, Driscolls, Suavva, Rhythm Superfoods and so many more. I talked to a lot of brands about making sure they move forward now into the digital age, embracing digital media before it’s too late and it morphs again. Many seemed receptive to idea and some are already actively telling their story, reaching out to customers and making connections via social media channels. 

There’s so much to talk about especially the other bloggers from #teamfreshsummit but I’m headed out to Disneyland so it will have to wait for another day.