What’s this Fresh Summit? Fresh Summit is the yearly Produce Marketers Association convention and expo. It’s a coming together of almost 1200 vendors that help bring fresh vegetables to far flung locales and the corner grocery store. There will be producers, marketers, packagers, shippers, innovators and buyers on the expo floor, in the sessions and at all the events. But why would a blogger from Alaska need or want to go? 

Because I represent a sector of the end consumer, what happens THERE affects all of us in the supermarket. As the ‘consumer’ I have a unique position to represent, I’m the bottom line, the consumer of things they are selling. Or shipping. Or figuring logistics on. Or making better packaging so things stay fresh on their way to Alaska. I can say these are interesting to me (and my type), and that ______ is not or it might work better this way because the original concept just doesn’t work for me. I may even have a fresh perspective they’ve not even thought of yet, although I doubt it.

So look forward to pictures, posts, thoughts about all things FRESH in the next week and if you have ANY questions you want me to lob at the big guys well then leave a comment and I’ll be sure and try to squeeze it in when and where I can!