I’ve been so busy the last couple of weeks, no really, every day top to bottom, scheduled to the max. I like to keep busy, it keeps me out of trouble but even the last three weeks or so have kicked my rear end. I’m ready for a break in the action and I’m looking forward to a more scheduled rhythm to our  daily lives. 

It’s not just our weekdays but even our weekends that have been just as busy. Three weeks ago we butchered our pigs, a tough day for sure but a day of gratitude and hard work. The processing took just over 12 hours but the week that followed was filled with curing and smoking, wrapping and freezing. The weekend after that was a slumber birthday party for our 11 year, and a family party on Sunday, here. With a full Thanksgiving dinner to feed the family complete with a homegrown turkey “fried” in the Big Easy infrared turkey fryer. I mention that because I love to NOT have a turkey in the oven so everything else can be in the oven. Then the next weekend I spent in Southern California at Fresh Summit, which was amazing and I’m still processing it. I have a lot to write about my experiences, the fun, the food, but just integrating back into real life is taking a lot of time. 

Which we now seem to have in abundance, nothing planned for the coming week, or er 5 days or so, I will take whatever free, down time we have. We have a huge game of Risk planned and a new Pirates of the Caribbean treasure hunt game to figure out, and best of all it snowed last night so any summer/fall chores are off the list. 

But back to the name of this post, getting unfit, it happens so quickly! I was happily running 3 miles, 3 days a week, and lifting weights those days too, for a long time, and walking 2 other days a week just to keep moving. Then the crazy busy hit and the first thing to go was time for me. How did I manage to hold on to the time for me for so long and let it slip so easily? I don’t have the answer, all I can say is that it snuck up on me, and suddenly running and weight lifting seemed so ponderous and time consuming. 

It’s been three weeks since I ran, sure I walked a lot last week, but the thought of running three miles is so daunting to me right now. So I’m hitting reset. I’m starting out like I did last fall, I’m going for a walk, 20 minutes to clear my head, to take time for me, to get my body used to moving again. I’ll add in running as soon as I think my body is ready for it. Or perhaps skiing because it’s snowy out and surely the mountains must have snow to ski on! Either way I’m looking forward to the time I’m dedicating to getting fit again and the mental clarity that comes with it.

Just so we’re clear I haven’t gained weight, my clothes still fit and I’ve been pretty dedicated to my homemade power salad lunches. I just let the fitness slip part of my life slip but that’s over now.