We LOVE these little gadgets by Norpro (not an affiliate link) because they make cheap squeezable yogurt, they’re refillable/recyclable, and we completely control the ingredients but best of all they make lunches fun. And fun lunches means my kids are 100% MORE likely to eat them. 

Our school doesn’t have a hot lunch program and I’m totally ok with that, better than ok with it really because I don’t have to wage a daily war against deep fried beef tenders, tater tots and corn as a ‘healthy’ lunch. But it does mean that every single school day out of the year, we need to have lunch makings in the house, whether it’s leftovers or sandwiches or bento box style lunches, it has to happen every day. I’m not alone in the lunch box dread, I know a lot of moms face it too. These make ahead yogurt squeeze tubes make lunches a wee bit easier, just toss one in on the way out the door and by lunchtime it’s soft enough to eat. Do they leak? Well my boys have put them through the paces in lunch boxes and we haven’t had one explosion yet, although I do make sure they are packed upright in the lunch box to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the top. I even let one defrost upside down in the sun and the only wet from it was condensation from the tube itself. 

They cost less to make than pre filled tubes. Each tube holds a half a cup of whatever your putting in it, so in our case yogurt mixed with berries and a little honey if needed. A HUGE tub of organic Nancy’s Yogurt is 6 bucks and that has 16 half cups in it. A couple cups of frozen berries cost us nothing if we grow it ourselves and 3-4 dollars in the store. A bit of honey to sweeten if needed, we’ll say 1 dollars worth just make sure it’s in there. So around 11 dollars and because we’re adding fruit to the yogurt we actually get about 20 squeezable yogurt tubes for that price, or around .55¢ apiece. The average pre made squeeze yogurt runs about .80¢ apiece, that’s not organic, that’s regular yogurt and that’s an average price. 

No trash! These things are refillable and add nothing to the landfill. Those little plastic pouches are not recyclable and somehow they never actually make it into the garbage cans but seem to litter the parking lot at school. They’re so insidious in their ability to avoid the trash can, my son’s teacher jokingly said he was going to call the yogurt factory and tell them his class was no longer allowed to have them in their lunches.

I really like that we can make whatever flavor yogurt we want too. I can whip up blueberry smoothies for kids and pour a bit in the bottom of a couple of tubes and then top it off later with raspberry yogurt if I want. We can also put pudding in them and have homemade pudding pops or even applesauce. They hold pickles if we need them to, or trail mix or I suppose even a cheese spread for crackers or bread, all those would go in NOT frozen of course. 

And again, squeezable yogurt makes homemade lunches seem more fun, more fun means more lunch gets eaten. And as long as lunches are going to the boys, and not the school chickens, I am A-OK with that. Last year my kids had pretty much quit eating lunches and came home starving. I started making them eat the things they didn’t eat in their lunches for snack and I suspect some of the lunch, they didn’t bring back home, may have made it out to the chickens at school. This is only a suspicion and I never confirmed it. 

I bought our NorPro Ice Pop Makers off of Amazon, that is an affiliate link, if you click through and buy it, I make a few pennies. I used our prime account, got free shipping and they arrived at our house in under a week, pretty good for Alaska. 

This was not a paid or sponsored post. I bought these with our money but we like them so much I wanted to share them. If you have kids in school and need a fun, budget friendly lunch box addition these are great!