My family always cheers for pie, I don’t like pie so I rarely make pie and when I do they’re exceedingly happy. This simple little one crust slab pie is so quick and easy to make I find myself making pie more often that I ever have. The ultimate summer dessert is a crunch or a cobbler, exactly because they ARE so quick and easy but I’ve discovered pie can be just as quick and easy, even more so, if you start with pre-made pie dough, yours or store bought, it doesn’t matter too much, both will work. The secret to using a store bought crust is chilling it well before baking it so it has a chance to set up before melting into a mush puddle. (shhhh insider secret!) 

And how awesome is it that you can make one pie dough recipe and get two family pleasing desserts out it? COMPLETELY awesome is the answer you’re looking for. When you bring pie to people who are hardly expecting it you will be heralded for your ingenuity and your kitchen prowess, you’ve been warned! 

Single Crust Cherry Slab Pie

oven 350˚

1/2 a batch of pie dough or use 1/2 a store bought pie dough

2 cups pitted cherries, I used Bing because they were in my freezer and already pitted1/4 cup of sugar

on a rimmed baking sheet rolled chilled pie dough to a rough rectangle/oval about 11×8 inches

lift each side up using a cookie spatula to carefully loosen them from the baking sheet

fold over a 1/2 or so and pinch up to form the crust, use your fingers to crimp the edge

when all four sides are crimped make sure the corners are sealed well

lay the cherries in a single layer on the crust, arranging them as needed to fit

you may have a few too many cherries to fit or they may all fit right in, depends on your expertise at folding the crust, not to worry any passing child will happily eat them or you can save them for a later use

sprinkle the sugar over the cherries making sure each one gets enough sugar to juice once it starts baking

firm your corners again, this is where they will leak when baking so you want them nice and set

chill for half an hour 

bake in a 350˚ oven for 30 minutes until the fruit is cooked through and the cherries have filled the crust with their juices 

cool slightly before serving and serve with ice cream or whipped cream

You can make any fruit into a slab pie, it’s not difficult, it just takes the knowledge that if it’s not perfect you’ll have to eat it, learn from your mistakes and try again. You can also use BOTH pie crusts and cut the second crust into lattice work, or cut decorative pieces out of the crust, just have fun!