If you’re looking for a way to make kale tempting for a certain someone, who thinks they suddenly don’t like kale, try adding cheese. A tiny sprinkle of dry grated Parmesan, I used Kraft for this type of light dusting, made all the difference in the “I will eat your three bites” rule we have established around here. And it can lead a certain someone, smallest child I am looking at you, down the path towards actually remembering they like kale and asking for more. 

Why do we go on with the kale? Haven’t we all just had enough of kale? As with many fads foods in America, it seems that it’s popular and then it’s done and anyone still eating it is ridiculous. Let me equate it to bell bottoms, all the rage for years and then dead, anyone wearing them after they died out was lame. I think our dear friend kale is going that way and I fear I will be that one sad sorry person still wearing bell bottoms in 1988 and thinking they are so awesome. I still like kale, maybe I’ll just go buy some vintage bell bottoms and call it good.

Kale is hearty crop in Alaska, it will grow and grow and grow and then when it gets frosted it will still grow. In fact it takes a hard frost to kill kale and once it’s been hit hard by a frost it can still be eaten, if eaten that day. You can freeze it too for adding to soup later on in the winter. I can pick a market size bunch of kale from 3-4 plants, go out the next day and the next 3-4 plants are ready to pick, repeat that one more time and then the original 3-4 plants are ready for harvesting again, it’s like a never ending cycle. It grows well, it keeps well and it’s beautiful to look at too, what’s not to like? 

Lemon Parmesan Kale

oven 350˚

1 market size bunch of kale-I like Russian Red or Lacinato 

1 TBSP oil

half a lemon

good dash of salt

1 TBSP grated Parmesan-I used Kraft for it’s crumbly texture

preheat the oven 

wash the kale pat dry and remove the center stem-I usually slide my hand down the stem stripping the leaves off of it

tear and huge pieces into smaller manageable bite sized pieces 

toss with the oil and place on a baking sheet

squeeze about 1/2 of the lemon juice over the kale, save the lemon for another use 

sprinkle with a good dash of salt

and bake at 350˚ for 8-9 minutes

then sprinkle the Parmesan cheese over the top and bake for 3-4 minutes more

watch it carefully you want the cheese to just start to melt but you don’t want the kale on fire–(you are walking a fine line here)

remove from the oven and serve hot

We like our kale mostly soft with a few crispy pieces, the 11-12 minutes in the oven gives us that. If you prefer it all crispy without the fear of flame-age drop the temperature down and cook it longer. I personally don’t have any desire to heat the oven up any longer than I absolutely need to, but maybe you have air conditioning?