Got a cake that’s gone stale? Or perhaps you slaved away over a cake and in the end it was dry like sand and just as bland? Has that ever happened to you, or is it just me? Turn that blah, ho hum cake into a lively breakfast, save yourself some money and use what you have, all in one fell swoop of resourcefulness.

Last week our school hosted a prospective parents tour and coffee hour. I had a BAG of lemons and a desire for a slice of lemon cake. Now I certainly don’t need a WHOLE lemon cake in the house but a slice would be nice and no more to nibble on would make it about perfect. It was a trifecta collision of need+have+want I needed to make something, I HAD lemons and I wanted a slice of cake. BOOM.

I set about to make a perfectly moist, lemon bundt cake and I followed this recipe to a T. I never do that, but I wanted it to be perfect, so I followed it. It was the most magnificent cake batter, almost cake mix like in it’s lightness and perfection. I was so proud of how it looked and how wonderful my cake was going to be. Baked it for the minimum time, at the called for temperature and it was done. I glazed it at school the next day with just a light powdered sugar and lemon juice glaze, and started serving it up. 

Damned if that thing wasn’t like cutting into a pile of sawdust. Crumbs spewed out of it and I wanted to crawl away and hide. I did eat a slice because I had brought the dumb thing, it was almost tasteless, how is that even possible with the zest of 8 lemons in it? On top of all that awesomeness already going on I managed to inhale a piece of crumb and had to spend ten minutes coughing it out. I’m all about being cool and suave, watch for my upcoming webinar of the subject.

I brought it home, put a clean, damp paper towel in, wrapped it tightly, hoping the moisture would be drawn into the cake and it would be at least somewhat more palatable. No go. It made a  slight difference but it didn’t improve the bland flavor. I made ANOTHER glaze and drizzled it over individual slices and served it my family who looked at it suspiciously and ate it grudgingly. I have never made any cake that was more unloved that this thing. 

Finally Sunday I decided to use it up or throw it to the chickens. I sliced it up, thank you damp paper towel for making it a bit easier to slice. I dipped them in an egg beat with a splash of milk and fried three slices at a time in hot butter. It smelled ethereal and family came running. I served the slices with a pat of butter and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Suspiciously the 10 year old poked at it and took a nibble and his eyes widened is relief and probably surprise. The result of it’s egg bath and frying made the cake extremely moist, almost pudding like, on the inside with a crispy exterior. The slices were eaten at top speed and the cry for “MOAR” went up. 

Winner! Even the child who despise eggs AND french toast ate his Cake French Toast with great gusto. The cake was finally eaten and enjoyed, just not quite the way I’d imagined it would be but at least we ate it, instead of the chickens. 

Recycling, it’s not just for trash anymore!