Am I the only one who has this problem? I have leftover coffee every day. I make it at home plain black in a french press, nothing special but I hate to pour it out. So I started wracking my brain trying to figure out WHAT I could use it for and I came up with a few uses for old(er) coffee. Thought I’d share because every time I think I’m THE ONLY ONE EVER turns out that no, I’m not. 

Number ONE–my favorite go to for leftover coffee is to make iced coffee–I pour it from the french press and store it in the fridge until later, like when I’m cooking dinner, and then mix it with enough milk and ice to make a copycat Starbucks Iced Coffee with no sugar or flavor–like sugar or flavor? add them to the coffee and milk, mix well and then pour over ice–if you love iced coffee you will LOVE the thrifty homemade version

Number TWO–use it in stew or pot roast, when I was little my mom always added a dash of coffee to her pot roast, when I got older it seemed rather logical to add it to my stew-it adds a smokey deep flavor once it mingles with your spices but will not taste like coffee unless you add several cups

Number THREE–make coffee ice cubes–this started when I had a blinding realization that I love fresh hot coffee but don’t like it being diluted with cream or a shot of water to make it a drinkable temperature-coffee ice cubes solve the problem I can drop one in and have still hot drinkable coffee with absolutely NO diluted flavor–BONUS?? you can drop these in stew or pot roast or even your iced coffee for a dash of flavor

BONUS USAGE for coffee grounds–body scrub! pop in a bowl and use within a day for excellent exfoliation that is FREE, now I wouldn’t use them excessively/daily because they can and will build up and block your drain pipes but hey once every few weeks is good–for all the other grounds you create compost them in your pile or in your worm composter and BOOM less leaky trash too.