Hello Connection!

When ATT offered to let me test drive the Nokia Lumia 1020  and the AT&T 4G LTE  network on our recent trip to California and Arizona, I said yes because it seemed like the perfect time to see if their network lived up to the buzz. When I received the phone I immediately put it through it’s paces calling far flung family members from the farthest points in Alaska, like the mountains and crossing the river flats. Figured I best try it right off the bat where nothing else works. 

Again, HELLO CONNECTION. I called my mom in Arizona and she sounded as close as she does when she’s at home in Alaska, clear and very distinct. No crackling, no tinny sounds on the line just connectedness that was clear enough for my kids to get on and talk too. What a pleasant cell phone call, unlike any I’ve ever experienced, and this was not a one off, every phone call was the same clear connection. And you know that slack time between when you say something and the person several thousand miles aways says something? DID NOT EXIST. Just easy talking, no confusion, no apologizing for the misunderstandings. 

Every call connected and stayed connected every time, period end of story. Even crossing the desert on the way to Phoenix trying to confirm a hotel reservation was a simple feat. I googled the various hotels I’d looked at, called them all and talked to each of them to find out WHERE exactly our reservation was. I’d like to add now that travel sites that promise the best price should really send out confirmation emails when you’ve made a reservation. 

The Nokia Lumia 1020 was so easy to use. Every button was exactly where it should have been, I felt like my fingers went looking for the button and poof it was right there. Intuitive and easy to use! Within one hour I was using the phone, internet, texting and camera effortlessly. Making something so simple to use means I don’t have to waste brain power trying to figure it out, which means more time to do other stuff. 

And if the clear calls and easy to use out of the box don’t appeal to you wait until you see the photos the Nokia Lumia 1020 pumps out, simply amazing. The photos the 1020 produces are so great I didn’t even bother taking my Nikon on the trip. That made traveling light an achievable goal, one easy to use piece of technology made packing a breeze and my trip though security no trouble at all. 

Check these out! 

Through a window at the top of the Watch Tower at Grand Canyon. 

 Zoomed in.

The Watch Tower.

Tombstone, AZ.

Titan II Missile Sight. I took this blind, just laid it up against the glass in a vain attempt to get a shot, I think it turned out pretty well myself.

Night shot of California Adventure.

Clear, clean connection? AT&T 4G LTE Network! Amazing pictures and intuitive design? Nokia Lumia 1020. Together a POWERHOUSE set-up that will be hard to beat.

AT&T sent me the phone to try out the opinions are totally mine.