Yes please! Oh wait, already HAD those! We nipped off for a little fun in the sun 2 weeks ago and somehow I’m supposed to integrate back into real life. Who made this rule, and more importantly WHY? I’m not asking for much here in real life land, am I? 

*I’d like food made for me, served to me, and cleaned up after I’m done please

*I’d like to stare at beautiful scenery for hours as we tour Arizona

*I want theme park rides that make our whole family scream with delight 

*I’d like a toilet that flushes FOR ME,  everyday please

*I want tours to tell me what I’m looking at

Yeah yeah I know keep dreaming. I love vacations, I really do, coming back and switching gears is tough. I’ll live but can I get a volunteer to make the bed? 

I have the MOST fabulous pictures to share with you, AT&T blessed me with a Nokia Lumina 1020 to try out for our vacation. WOW clear coverage from their network AND photos so amazing I didn’t even bother taking the DSLR (Shhhh don’t tell the Nikon) all rolled into one great phone? I LOVE IT! And as soon as May hits I am ditching the Motorola like a hot potato.