EEK! This is it the drop dead must be done weekend for our house. I’ve painted more piddly trim this week than in my entire life, more than I’ve ever really wanted to paint. I went through 3 rolls of painters tape. And spent every spare moment painting trim and waiting for trim to dry and touching things up REPEAT X 50,000.  Oh and I forgot I also realized how bad the bathroom looked so I completely repainted that this week too, no wonder I used so much tape.

Someone said it will all be worth it, every minute spent painting trim will be well worth it in the end. I’d like to punch them but my arm is too sore from trim painting AND? They’re probably right it is all worth it but UGH I don’t like to paint trim. Almost done. So close I can feel it and see it. 

We have the lights all wired and hung. I LOVE them.

The cabinets are in, finished and filled with dishes and pots and pans.

We need a hood for the range and trim around the bottom of the cabinets. That trim needs to be ordered from the builders supply store and I was supposed to do that this week too. Oops. We have a door that needs trim around it, one window to trim and we need to buy a new back door. 

Almost done. Almost done. ALMOST DONE.