I remember the good old days when crock pots first got popular, I mean POPULAR POPULAR. Everyone had one, everyone used one and everyone called it a crock pot because that’s what it was. The food produced in said crock pots was meh at best, usually it was over cooked, stirred to death and most likely bland as hell. But they were the rage because what could be more liberating than dropping food in a pot turning it on and leaving it to cook alone for 8-10 hours, the food might suck but it would be hot and ready to eat.

You ever try to clean one of those thing? Oh man I hated it when my mom cranked out dinner in ours because I knew I had to wash it. You can’t submerge, you can only soak and there it sits soaking and haunting you until it’s soaked out the over cooked baked on food. The fear of submerging meant I would have ruined my mom’s new best thing ever. Do you remember the whole “this is why we can’t have nice things?” bit? I think my sister and I were directly responsible for that becoming a popular saying. 

There are so many things you can do in a crock pot nowadays and 99% of them turn out great. You can make a vat of pumpkin spice lattes, bake potatoes, make bread and of course stews. Whole books and livelihoods have sprung up because of the crock pot. They’re energy efficient and don’t heat up the house in the dead of summer but welcome you home on cold night with the smell of dinner ready to eat. Ah we still love the crock pot.

But wait it’s 2013 and things have changed, suddenly crock pots have a warming setting, removable washable crocks, auto high to low settings and bigger. And they’re called slow cookers now too. Crock pot? That’s a brand name for Rivals slow cooker, the actual appliance is called a slow cooker. 

I’m going to let that sink in, it’s not a crock pot unless it’s made by Rival.

No, the heck you say I’m always going to call it a crock pot. Well then join the crowd, everyone I’ve asked looked at me cross eyed when I mention slow cooker and said “oh you mean a crock pot?” Last night on Facebook I asked crock pot or slow cooker? Every. Single. Person. replied crock pot. So what about you? Crock Pot or Slow Cooker?