During our remodel project I would occasionally ask my kids what we should have for dinner – as in “what’s in the house I can make easily and not use kitchen counters?” One boy would always reply LASAGNE! Ha, not funny little boy not funny at all. But as the weather turned cooler and our house project nears completion I surprised them all with a weeknight lasagne made in a half finished kitchen with an oven that is temperamental. I was granted most favored parent status oh for about an hour or so, until I called for bedtime anyway.

To make a quick lasagne you will need Barilla Oven Ready Lasagne Noodles they look like this

You’ll also need about 15 minutes to prep it and an hour or so in the oven at 375. It helps to have  some prep work done like making the sauce the night before OR having your cheese grated. I won’t give you a specific recipe for lasagne because we all have our own recipes and versions. But know this you can use the no cook noodles dry and prepare your lasagne as you normally do. 

3 dry noodles will expand and fill a 9×13 pan, so use 3 per layer, as many layers high as desired. The noodles will cook up delicious and plump in about an hour without precooking, draining, tearing, sticking and wadding up in a ball. I keep a box of them in my pantry for easy lasagne making and no stress dinners. I think you should too.