I’ve been a wee tad absent from this space this week. Birthday and just plain busy seemed to happen all week. Our house has been really depressing lately, the projects we’re all more than I could do on my own during the day so I was relegated to clean up crew and preparing for the next job. I felt completely busy and useless at the same time, that takes TALENT. I’m over it because today we finished the ceiling in our dining room and kitchen and our pantry. Now I can spend some good quality time with mud and tape. I bet I’ll be wishing for last week real soon.

My thrifting scores this week were all utilitarian in nature. Things we needed were right in my face and I wasted no time picking them up.

I found the clock for our kitchen. 

Huge and industrial and I love it. 

I also found this amazing little jadeite green alarm clock which works perfectly.


Mine is 13 years old and darn near dead. Now this one is more like 40 years old and running strong so as soon as the newer one dies this one will replace it. 

And I found these brand new cargo work pants for my husband. 

They still had the threads that hold the tags on intact, they were like new. Perfect working pants for around the house and remodeling work, lots of pockets to fill with nails and screws. 

 I bought two clocks this week and BOTH of them were priced directly on the clock face. I had to work to peel off the tags and then work with oil to get the residue off without scratching the face plastic. Very annoying place to slap a tag.

And how about you what are you spending your pennies on?