First full week back in school found me reveling in freedom and busy as all get out, I refinished the kitchen floor. We finally got the kitchen fully torn out and for 4 days it was empty while the floor was stained, sealed and then dried. We were totally cramped in one half of our house with the nice newly finished living room and dining room cut off unless we trudged around the house. I spent my free time (hahhahhahahah) catching up on laundry and other things that slipped past me in the last frenzied week before school started. So glad to get back to a rhythm I can appreciate, less crazy more methodical.

Ohhhh look what I found! Oh yes I DID!

Hilarious and he works perfectly. Can’t decide whether to keep him or sell him, both are tempting. Oh don’t look so disgusted!

I found this lovely completed Water Wheel counted cross stitch. Counted cross stitch sell really well and this is very nicely done.

And I found a State Birds cross stitch kit, unused and new.

I think I can sell this one pretty quick they are HOT right now.

And what have you been spending your pennies on??