What a week–the sun and heat have been spectacular. Hot every day and still such long lovely days, although don’t be fooled they are indeed getting shorter and darker already. We’ve lost hours of daylight but more importantly it’s actually dark at night now, around solstice it only gets kind of dark I guess more twilight all night. (no sparkly vampires though) I honestly can’t remember a summer being so lovely in a LONG time, we are enjoying it so much.  

First up I want to THANKS Van at Thriftcore (if you don’t follow her you should go see her immediately her ZEST for life is amazing)  and Stella and Stanley Antiques and Collectibles I was the BIG winner in their giveaway of a set of retro canisters. Thanks you guys! They’ll look so awesome in our remodeled farm house, I’ll be sure to send on photos. 

Remember last week the “Estate Sale” I was bummed about missing out on? Yep that one. Well the kids and I followed a messy Thursday afternoon yard sale sign thinking it would be fun to go see what we could find only to end up at the same house. The people were wheeling out wheelbarrows full of stuff and pouring them out on tarps. There was a TON of new stuff and more kept piling out of the house. I was the only one there and it was a lot of fun to see all the real stuff being brought out. 

I found a few things I could afford but most of was way out of my price range and they refused the bargain. I found one thing I wanted a needle point foot stool it was pretty but in bad shape so I dragged it up thinking for 5 bucks hey I can fix it up. 40 DOLLARS. I almost choked and put it back. Other things that were worth money and really cool were “meh take it for 1 dollar”. The pricing was arbitrary and the folks were badly mistaken on many ‘prizes’ they had researched. I almost wanted to help them but they seemed like they were in their zone so I bought some goodies and moved on. 

I bought this with the idea to sell it. 

Once I cleaned it up a bit and saw how beautiful it really was and how nicely it ran, I realized I wanted it. So I am keeping it. The clincher was realizing it came from a house just like ours and was manufactured in 1935, the same year our house was built. We have a kind of cool history in our area it was settled as part of a new deal colony to get folks out of the failing mid west and on to new places. Some came to Alaska and built a new life. The house we’ve been remodeling all summer is a 1935 colony house–it was meant to be and so it is. I’m going to get it professionally cleaned and get rid of my modern Singer, all Singers after the 70s have plastic gears and such, they get broken and have to be replaced a lot. This old girl? She has ALL cast iron parts. My husband has a treadle machine just like it so we’ll park them side by side and we can sew, power or no power. 

I found this lovely old milk can 4 quart bucket. LOVE. 

And this old stainless steel pitcher too. 

I am keeping all of them, I think I am anyway. I also bought some presents for my husband for Christmas and SHHHHHHH I can’t show them to you, I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

And what have you been spending your pennies on?