I checked in with our piglet connection yesterday to make sure sure SURE we were on the list for piglets. She sent me a note back saying yes they’re ready for pick up next week. OH WHEW no need to make sure the pen is escape proof or get food set up right away or…..

DING new text can you get them tomorrow but tomorrow didn’t work for me so it had to be last  night or wait for next week. We went with last night as our pick up time figuring no time like the present. We took a pen, some straw, a few kids and headed out.

Picked up two little piglets and rolled on home. We’ve never had piglets and boy do they scream when you pick them up. WOW like someone is dying. It made us both jumpy and ok at least me a little scared  I’d get bit. We popped them in their pen and they immediately set to work trying to escape. So we reinforced with pallets all around the outside. It was a family effort screwing the pallets together, gathering weeds for eating, cut a few little trees to scratch on and so on and so forth.

 They settled down in about an hour and slept in their own little pallet den. Today my husband built them a trough and I cooked them two hot meals of bit of leftovers, some fruit and a handful of polenta. They loved it. A lot. You know why people say you’re eating like a pig? Because pigs are sweet until you put food in front of them then they kick, bite and head butt each other to get the most food. When they get their head in the food the blow bubbles, chew with their mouths open, snort out the good bits and spit out the things they don’t like.

still here in the morning is something to celebrate

Otherwise it’s been a lovely cool few days, perfect for a little Shepherd’s Pot Pie. This was NOT on my meal plan but I did use up some limp carrots, a few frozen green beans and a bag of leftover gravy from the freezer. Buy nothing July in underway with me having ONLY bought a gallon of milk and a box of  ice cream treats to take to grandmas for a grand total 11 dollars. I have a fruit order coming in on Thursday which I already paid for and I will need a few veggies and a pound of coffee from the store this weekend. Other than that until I hit up the fish guy we’re not buying more food for a while.

My cucumber plants have cukes on them that are almost ready to eat. YES!! My basil has aphids so I’m going to wash them down and see if that helps get rid of them, otherwise I’m making pesto out of them. Kale and mustard from the garden are ready to go so my store bought veggies list will be short and cheap and soon non-existent.

Oh and these bloomed.