Finally cooling off up here wow it was hot for five weeks. We are not accustomed to that kind of niceness up here, you might get one day a week and it is precious. 5 weeks and I was like “meh another 85˚ day is paradise, nice but I got stuff to do! Like my floors which are now DONE! If you’re looking for a thrifty way to refinish your floor look no further than this weeks next post, I am writing a tutorial on DIY Floor Refinishing on a Budget.

I posted a KILLER giveaway the other day, you could win a Yak Pak Messenger back just in time for BACK TO SCHOOL. That’ll help the budget!

 I did OF COURSE get in some thrifting too, I hit an estate sale (they still freak me out) and missed a GIANT box of bubble lights, I want some old ones SO BAD. Oh well they’ll come to me. I didn’t buy anything there it was MOBBED but I hit a few other places ALONE instead. Yeah I said alone I had 5 hours of peace and quiet this week when my kids went grandmas house it was blissful.

Back to thrifting goods!

I bought invisible models for my kids

ONE I will sell because I thought better of having my boys put together a model without boy parts. I am not ready for ovaries and uteruses when toots and bums are still so hilarious. *boys*

I found this new in package stitchery kit should do well with it.

Micro Casette Recorder once I ascertain it works will go off to the auctions too.

Got a bucket of build a bear clothes.

Angel Chimes.

And the candles for them, which are SURPRISINGLY HARD TO FIND. We end up using tealights which never work that well.

This I am keeping

my kids are fascinated by these, oh and I kind of like them too.  I need one little plastic building for this one to be perfect, I have some in my Christmas decorations.

And what are you spending your pennies on? Please leave a link and link back to and as always be sure to follow the penny worthy board on pinterest where I pin from YOUR posts.