Well it was a weird week wasn’t it? I kept thinking WHAT DAY IS THIS all week and I was never ever right once without looking at the calendar. I went thrifting a few times and mostly struck out. I also followed a few dud old garage sale signs, I wish people would just take their signs down when their sale is over. 

I found this Mickey Mouse bank. Isn’t it cute? And perfect because I am socking away reselling money to take us to Disneyland.

My husband got a new steamer because he used his to death.

I love having a steamer instead of using an ironing board and iron. It’s fast, efficient and you can leave your clothes right on the hanger.

And this AT-AT I bought for my youngest son for Christmas. 

I’m going to sell it because when you get snoopy, get into places you’re told to stay out of and find your presents you don’t get them. period. I’m probably going to take it to the next consignment sale or sell it locally, I do not want to ship this.

So here’s hoping next week is a better week for thrifting great goodies to sell. I hope the garage sales are abundant and maybe I’ll even find a rummage sale or 3. Hey a girl can always hope right?