Joining up with Grace over at Camp Patton because while I SHOULD be writing more than 3 days a week lately I just can’t seem to make that happen. I think it has something to do with the HEAT in Alaska right now, it was 95˚ IN MY HOUSE and 90˚ outside this afternoon. I am not built for heat and I say this with all honesty anyone who is built for Alaska is not built for heat. Not complaining, just this is the summer of hot and twice today sweat rolled in my eyes and temporarily blinded me and completely startled me. 

5 Things I Am Loving Right Now

1) Well Well Wow–being absolute slaves to the house remodel this summer has meant pushing ourselves beyond our normal capacity for work-working when we want to sleep or play or just stop moving and we still have to keep up with little boys, 30 chickens, 6 turkeys, 2 pigs, cats and one needy mastiff–I don’t have time for sleepy days or getting sick I loved Well Well Wow for it’s energizing pow and immune boosting zap and I even liked the flavor (SURPRISED me!)

2) Bear Cam! I am TOTALLY loving the Brooks Falls bear cam–there’s always a bear or 7 hanging around munching salmon and for some reason it fascinates me

3) our sunset view


I love this view out of our dining room window it’s just so beautiful this time of year–I SWEAR everyday I take a picture thinking THIS is the MOST beautiful it’s ever been aaaannnnd they all look the same

4) lunch boxes I bought for my kids from Land’s End–thought new boxes might inspire them to pack their own lunches leaving me straight up out of the “I didn’t like _________ in my lunch today” equation WIN and also? yep guaranteed to forever (almost) DOUBLE WIN

5) our cabinets came in so we’re on to the next big last steps in the house remodel–I love this and hate it–both equally It will be great to get the work down with and yet it is a LOT of work to–basically it goes like this: finish baseboard heaters–install lights–tear out the last of the kitchen–refinish that floor–paint walls–install cabinets–put kitchen together–finish pantry and paint–move back into kitchen…not SO bad but daunting yes?

Five things I love not SO hard to write this–thanks Grace!