Well it finally happened I went to a few garage sales this weekend. I realized IF I am going to send us on a vacation next winter I need to add to our paypal balance and get started NOW. I plan to open an ebay store and get etsy moving too. I will have to ship and pack which I abhor but I like the rest so much I am willing to do the work.

I found some super cool stuff check it out.

Tupperware bits and bobs, the lady selling these said she sent them with her daughter to school when she was younger, she is now 47. My kids MIGHT get to use them but I’ll probably sell them.

I love the color on these colanders!

Check out this old flour container barrel thingy. It’s dirty and needs a wash but THE COLOR! is awesome.

I got this little train from Thomas to sell, they bring good money.

A wool blanket for my husband, NOT for sale brown/green but looks reddish here

TWO vintage Speak and Spells and TWO vintage Speak and Reads

with extra modules to change up the words–these are not for sale yet–were going to use them for the summer to beef up our reading skills and then I’ll sell them come fall. One of our boys is an advanced reader the other one struggles mightily. I thought these might be a fun way to reinforce the letter sounds and blending across the board.

This adorable little oil/grease can. Our over exuberant boys keep breaking the spouts on ours this one will probably go up for sale instead of being sacrificed to the child beasts.

look at my TAN hand we are having some GREAT weather up here 

Oh and I grabbed this handy tool for chopping veg.

The kindergarten in our waldorf school uses them and they just make work fun. For a quarter you just can not beat it.

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And how are you spending YOUR pennies??