Hit up a thrift store by. my. self this week. It was glorious to be alone for 30 minutes and not have small people ask me 8 bazillion times when we were leaving. Don’t get me wrong I love having my kids home for summer, we are having a blast but the screech that gets emitted when I say I want to go to a thrift store is quasi ear piercing, actually it’s more a mortal death moan and they slump over. I go anyway because I said it, so we’re doing it but it does sort of deflate the FUN and excitement of thrifting.

No. Really. It IS fun and exciting for me. We are planning a trip to Southern California, Disneyland and Arizona (parents) next winter and I am socking away every penny I can. With our current remodel project we can afford NOTHING for a trip so it is all up to me and my killer shopping skills. I am not currently selling but I have a feeling it’s getting time to start back up, I took a few months off to get the house and details for the remodel in order. I have some kids clothes for back to school to get started with.  Ack hard to think about back to school already!

I bought this puzzle

for my parents who are snow birding to Arizona this winter. I love the drawings done by Bill Keane, the man who drew the Family Circus all those years.

We decided we’re going to paint the floors in our house. They are so old and tattered we’re not sure we could sand them completely smooth and still have intact floor boards. Since reflooring is WAY out of the budget we are painting it. Something in the river silt color range…

the old floors.

and as always what are you spending your pennies on?