Well we finally buckled down and got to work on our floors. It wasn’t a matter of not wanting to do the work, it was more a matter of WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO with these floors. There was the we’ll refinish them and they’ll be prefect stage–the we’ll paint them and they’ll be fabulous stage–quickly followed by the oh I don’t want to paint them stage. In the end we realized we loved the look of sunlight on our old floors, they glow with this amazing golden orange color and they just look like home.

So we set out to figure out how we could possibly keep the glow and not refinish them completely. We couldn’t actually refinish them, they had been done once before and we’re really sanded down. They are soft pine to start with and the sanding they got took off a lot of wood. Some of the tongue and groove was showing from being sanded and worn down. But we couldn’t leave them either the SPLINTERS were terrible. We decided to try and simply clean then, patch them, stain them and seal them, no sanding!

We waffled between shellac, what we believe they were originally finished with, and a minwax stain in ipswich pine. The minwax won out in the end because we were worried about the shellac not standing up to wet boots if perhaps the top coat of sealant got chipped. Shellac doesn’t hold up to water and we have 3 boys, dogs and cats, we needed tough.

Long story but lots of work later but we’ve got one room 3/4 of the way done. My husband repaired some boards, we washed it really well and I stained it. Twice. That was back breaking work but good work and we love the look of the stain we chose, it’s very close to original color on the floors. We have embraced the imperfectness of them, staining and sealing as they were, very little sanding and we love the look.

just a shot of them last week

broken boards getting fixed



stained and partly sealed and glowing

the glow

less glowy more just what it looks like

 Anyway I love them, they’re not perfect–that’s ok neither are we.

Happy HOT summer, think of us while you’re sitting in your air conditioning while we sweat it out up here. HA! Chances are we’ll spend the better part of the afternoon in grandma’s pool. Yeah we have an awesome grandma.