The last remnants of our week long bout with pinkeye seems to be the cold, more specifically the cough and sore throat. The Miracle Elixir was good, it stopped the cough but the sore throat remains, poor guys. They’re finally back in school, for the few days that remain anyway, but even last night their throats were still sore. The cough was gone but the scratchy itchy throat was not. In my research I’ve found that honey seems to be the ‘go to’ for soothing throats and coughs.


So I made a little warm drink for them that really seemed to help ease the pain, honey of course was the main ingredient. It was simply hot water, lemon juice, a bit of fresh ginger and honey. I made them sip it slowly but you probably don’t have to, I felt like it might help a bit in the soothing department. Give them a spoon to stir it with though, the honey kept sinking to the bottom.

If you don’t have lemon and ginger simply warming milk with a spoonful of honey stirred in is also a wonderful throat soother. And if you still need another idea our most common best bet for sore throats is simply a spoonful of good honey. It soothes going down and the THRILL of a whole spoonful of honey straight out of the jar can make any sore throat a thing of the past. Try out the tea though, it was really really good. Oh and helpful!

Lemon Honey Tea

1 cup hot water
1 TBSP lemon juice
2 TBSP honey
1 small piece of ginger,about a 1/4 inch peeled, chopped–optional my kids LOVE ginger so I put it in

make sure your water is not boiling hot, just hot
mix all together
serve warm with a spoon to stir it up
sip slowly for best soothing results

Thankful for honey, even way up here in Alaska, where it’s going to snow tomorrow [May 17th!] and we have an actively erupting volcano, with lava even.