We’ve been industriously working on the house this week-well except for yesterday, which I declared Beer Vacation Tuesday which really meant my husband was volunteering somewhere and I invited girlfriends over and we drank beer and ate dinner. OTHER THAN THAT we’ve been busy working and cleaning up as we go. It feels good to go to bed at the end of the day with weary, tired bodies and not just minds. The other day I crested 8,000 PLUS steps on my pedometer without going for a walk, many of those steps were UP and DOWN the stairs as I packed away the last remnants of our kitchen.

here is the LIST of what we need to do

  1. finish the living room ceiling 
  2. paint the living room ceiling
  3. sew couch cushion covers
  4. install ceiling trim
  5. sand and prime the wall of shame paneling in out living room
  6. investigate and possibly remove the alcove arch in the living room–
  7. paint the living room walls
  8. briefly enjoy the beautiful new living room color before we completely empty the house to refinish all the original wood floors–this includes demolishing the kitchen and removing all cabinets
  9. Build out Pantry Wall so we have kitchen space 
  10. empty the entire living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom–put all that stuff somewhere 
  11. once empty sand, stain, seal the floor
  12. move living room dining room and bedroom back in
  13. finish dining room ceiling/wall area
  14. construct new cabinets at friends cabinet making shop      This has changed-he doesn’t have time so we now have to move to plan b, there is no plan b we’ll have to create one  We have decided to build our own cabinets (SEND HELP ASAP!)
  15. paint cabinets
  16. install cabinets 
  17. install counters
  18. move fridge to it’s new home
  19. install appliances
  20. make butcher block island to replace breakfast bar–possibly changing this to NO KITCHEN BAR/BREAKFAST BAR
  21. finish pantry if needed–paint inside 
we’ll start way back with the wall of shame which kicked off the project see #5

Painted and couch recovered #1-7 DONE 

Ugly Kitchen Shots #1 these will be going away

This will move to the wall in the photo above–it will surrounded by custom made cabinets for ALL dishes post and pans

Ugly kitchen shot this wall will have NO upper cabinets only the range-sink and lower cabinets 

This is the pantry–it was found behind a wall and we kind of put it to use–it’s too small 
and it’s right in our mudroom

So we are making it bigger 

 we made it a little TOO big but we’ll use it for now and trim it down later

 Here it is tucked BEHIND our kitchen in the mudroom–see the fridge? the door to the pantry is going to be right there once the fridge is moved and the open end to the mudroom will be a wall

here we are-almost moved in!

Now the kitchen is almost empty time to rip it out

Well that feels so much better

 South side

North side
And then no breakfast bar –which I love! I never want to put one back in–which is a major departure from our plans but having a KITCHEN table is nice and there is no big road block in flow we can move in and out as needed 

 And there we are–lots of demolition and hard work

You can see from these photos how BAD our floors are and they really were/are the impetus for the remodel.