How would you finish the sentence? I’ve had my current smart phone for a year, before that I was using a flip phone as penance for ruining my first smart phone, in the last year I’ve become increasingly addicted to my phone. This post is as much about ME as it is the world around me except number 3 my phone sucks too much for me to actually spend too much time talking on it. 

Get off the the phone and

  1. walk–I have been in a few situations recently where the person walking in front of me just stops suddenly–we’re all moving along and then WHAM stoppage occurs–I have literally RUN in to strangers who stopped dead in front of me to peer at their phone and try to figure out what the that beep or blart from their phone meant…you know what? that shit will still be there when you check it later 
  2. drive–I don’t actually care if you talk on the phone while driving it’s not a pet peeve of mine–if you drive like an asshole while on your phone that’s another story–don’t slow down, don’t dial, don’t covertly check texts because I CAN SEE YOU WHILE I’M IN THE OTHER LANE AND YOU’RE NOT WATCHING WHERE YOU ARE GOING 
  3. converse with the people around you–I see the same people on their phone every day during school drop off and pick up…I wonder WHO THE HELL DO THEY TALK TO ALL. THE. TIME?
  4. get off your duff–that 20 minutes you lean against the wall, sit in your car or stand in a trance staring at your phone? yep you could be doing so much with it–vacuum your house, go for a walk, visit with your loved ones, watch the clouds roll by, volunteer somewhere– the possibilities are endless–what did you do before the smart phone tool over your life?
  5. pay attention to the world around you–how many times have you been so engrossed in your phone that the little voice trying to show you something is totally ignored? chances are if you have kids it is often I have news for you, they feel it, they know it and soon they will have phones and though you may not realize it they will do the exact same thing to you and it will be too late to build that respect and that relationship—- AND if you don’t have kids and you’re just actively ignoring the people around you well pretty soon you won’t have to because no one will want to be around you