Pour sugar on it.

Even  Sugar In The Raw is NOT GOOD for laptops. Totally MY fault, I was cooking and reading a recipe. I think I might just remove myself to the sewing room to see what I CAN’T RUIN down there. But that being said I’m pretty sure my fingers are going down next. And all my half finished projects for the craft fair this weekend.

UPDATE–I hit up the sewing room–I broke THREE sewing needles on the machine–stitched a bag inside out and generally made a HUGE mess–then I threw gravy on the pepper shaker and it dripped IN the pepper shaker. I must need coffee right? No, I made a press and it shot out the spout and on to our basket of clean napkins. Only time they’ve been nicely folded and put away promptly in a year and YES I DID cover them with coffee water and chunky ground. I am magical that way.