Well that week went by fast. It was standardized testing week here and quite possibly everywhere as far as I know. Our wonderful third grade teacher organized a “feed the kids GOOD food initiative” and I ended up working at our school for three mornings cooking, setting up, tearing down and washing up. I really enjoyed myself, worked with great people and drank a LOT of coffee. There is a certain pleasure garnered from hard work. Next year I plan to cook and feed the entire school on testing days a good happy start to the day and hot snack midway through can make even mandated tests not suck so bad.

Thrifting was a no this week, oh I went but found NOthing worth buying, hurry up yard sale season. Ha but first it has to stop snowing. Good grief! it’s April 6th and more snow is falling as I type this. All week, gorgeous sunny warm enough to be out in sweater only and now snow. I had to turn the furnace back on it got so cold in here.

I quasi hosted a baby shower this week too. One of my dear friends is having her fifth baby and her FIRST boy. It was a beautiful day filled with friends and food and fun, perfect! I say quasi because I only did the food, while another friend of my did the decorations and yet another friend hosted it. It was perfect though because we ALL had a small bit to do and it came together perfectly.

So of course me being ME I gave her TWO vintage hand knit sweaters I bought at an Estate Sale. They are adorable and will fit him next year when he is toddling around. I can not wait to meet this little soul. Um and shower him in vintage adorableness.

If you are looking for a thrifty bit why not head over to my latest giveaway post? I’m giving away a FitBit Zip and I’d LOVE to give it to YOU. Or YOU! Easy to enter too!

Why not leave a link with your thrifty living idea? It can be meal plans, a cheap recipe, thrifty finds vintage goodness on Etsy or………I do try (not successfully) to pin post shared to the Penny Worthy board I keep on Pinterest.

Last week Heather of Tatter and Fray linked up and check out her gorgeous compote, holy cow. Gina spoke to hoarding that comes with thrifting and the letting go of STUFF.