** cough*cough**

while I spruce up the blog.

Do you like the new look? I LOVE it. Seriously it is streamlined and beautiful and I can’t wait to fill it with worthwhile content. Wish I had some but it’s 10:30 at night and I JUST sat down from going since six  6:40 this morning. My brain fell out somewhere between the 37th “I need another drink of water” and 89th “HA! pressure POINTS”. Fell out, I swept it up, I swear I did. So enjoy the beauty of the look while I work on adding back blogs I love.

Also while you’re here maybe you want to follow with bloglovin? google friend connect is going away for followers(STUPID) (but whatever) so I had Jenna, the gal doing the blog redo, add in bloglovin. Ok I lie, I said I wanted it, she added it and voila it’s here. She is MAGIC as evidenced by the new look here on Hey what’s for dinner Mom? So follow with bloglovin’ maybe? —–right over there on what’s left of the sidebar.