Last year sometime someone shared a post on facebook about food activists and I was was meh not impressed. You can tell how much it affected me: read, not at all. And today I was recording a show about GMOs and Hybrid plants and the DIFFERENCE between them when I had an understanding, a real DUH moment.

First of all I was recording a show about Hybrids and GMOs because there is a HUGE amount of confusion about what’s what. Cornish Roaster chickens ARE NOT GMO they are a HYBRID but the corn and soy you’re feeding them probably is GMO unless you’re feeding ORGANIC corn and soy. Anyway short story is this

  • HYBRIDS are cross pollinated plants  this cross pollination CAN happen in nature but in order to sell seeds that breed true to the Hybrid most of the pollination happens by man or mechanically or whatever it doesn’t just magically happen. If you try to plant seeds from a hybrid the worst that will happen is you’ll get throwbacks to it’s parent’s genes and not the hybrid. 
  • GMOs, genetically modified organisms, are created in a laboratory, their DNA is altered by a particle gun-they need special herbicides and pesticides to preform well–the seeds are patented and if you try to, or accidentally, grow them without paying for them you can be sued by the seeds creator.

BIG differences but why the big fuss over GMOs? I discovered a few reasons and I’m sure there are TONS more but here are the biggies

  1. what does eating plants with modified DNA do to us? NO ONE KNOWS because we’ve only been eating them for a while now while normal food has been around for thousands of years
  2. plants grown on nutritionally deficient lands, poisoned land, lands that get tons of poison dumped on them to stop weeds and pests. they produce foods that are nutritionally deficient and covered in poison
  3. seeds HAVE to be bought along with the ONLY pesticides and herbicides the seeds will respond to–these plants are BUILT to resist herbicides 
  4. owners of the GMO patents have the right to sue ANYONE caught with plants that have GMO DNA even IF they their crops were naturally cross pollinated by GMO crops
ok so that’s low down there are many more fears about GMOs but those were the ones I spoke of today. And then as I was wrapping up the show it hit me, the DUH moment  “we vote with our food dollars”  The only way to CHANGE the food system is to be the voice that says NO-STOP and the BEST way to do this is not support them. Stop buying GMOs, if we ALL stop buying GMOs they’ll have to stop making them because the demand for good clean food will outweigh the demand for cheap mass produced foods. Being a food activist is the BEST way to stick it to the corporations who think patented seeds, herbicide resistant plants and mutated foods are what the American people want.
 I am here to tell you that we have the power to make changes, one by one we will come together to DEMAND change. Vote with your food dollars, but organic every time you can afford it. CALL them the number to General Mills is  1-877-964-6455 start there ask them to please STOP using GMOs and please switch to organic, sure they’ll laugh at you but in the end they make money off of us because we are the CONSUMERS and they are the suppliers and they can only sell us what we are willing to spend our food dollars. 
So while being a food activist may look like we’re jumping on the local, fresh, organic band wagon it really truly is the only way to change what we don’t like. And what we don’t like is being someones big ass science experiment.