Hey What's For Dinner

The BANE of having a laying flock is the mindset that you CAN NOT make hard boiled fresh eggs. It keeps me from making batches and batches of hard boiled eggs because I can’t get them to peel nicely or sometimes at all. Gah so annoying to boil eggs and have them shred while peeling right?

I’ve been seeing this new way to make perfectly peeled eggs, you poke the end with a tack before boiling so I read up on it. I decided to give it a whirl. I also found lots of ideas for making eggs easy to peel from baking soda in the water to cracking them and letting them rest in cold water. So I decided to try the tack poke on 6 eggs then post boil crack 3 and let them sit, the crack and let sit on 3 of the eggs and nothing on the last 3 eggs.

Here’s what I discovered. I started with a dozen fresh eggs none more than 3 days old, 6 I poked with a tack and the other six I left whole. I put them in a deep pot and covered them with cold water. I brought them to a boil over high heat and then reduced the heat to keep them at a simmer. Once they boiled I set the timer for 15 minutes and made sure they were covered and were just simmering.

When the timer went off I poured off the hot water and filled the pan with cold water, when it became warm I poured it off again and recovered with fresh cold water. Once the eggs were cool enough to touch I took three plain eggs and gently cracked them all the way around and then returned them to the cold water. I took three of the poked eggs and cracked them too and returned them to the pan. I left all the eggs to cool thoroughly which didn’t take long with the cool water.

I started peeling the eggs

  1.  I worked on the eggs that were JUST poked first, they peeled ok, there was some sticking — I wouldn’t call the thumbtack poke a miracle egg boiling technique just yet, there was enough sticking to cause ugly deviled eggs
  2. next were the eggs poked by the thumbtack AND cracked and left to cool in water–these peeled like a dream–they came neatly out of their shells and would make dreamy deviled eggs                          
  3. the eggs JUST cracked after boiling no poke with a thumbtack were so-so some were nice others were totally shredded
  4. the last group had nothing done to them and boy they were ugly–the whites were pitted, torn and ripped from peeling
So the best method I have found is to poke them with a thumbtack AND give them a couple good cracks and left to rest in cool water until peeling. I also peeled all the eggs under running water which I have always done. If you don’t peel them under running water will the results be the same? I don’t know why not give it a try?