4 local CSA choices but which one is right for you? I can’t tell you that BUT I can point you in the direction of the farms, their websites and you can choose for yourself.

If you’re not growing a garden this year whether it’s from lack of time or lack of knowledge or lack of desire you may still want the freshest veggies you can get. For my money I’d say opt for a local CSA. You pay up front and get a delish assortment of vegetables every week. Your kids, if you have them, will love to visit the farm for pick up and they’ll enjoy opening a surprise box of veg each week. It was one of the BEST moves we ever made on this long journey of getting kids to eat and love vegetables.

Four Local Choices–please check each farm for their current prices, payment details and other pertinent information

Sun Circle Farm

  • pick up off of Farm Loop in Palmer on Mondays
  • also pick up available in Wasilla
  • 2 sizes to choose from
  •  limited pig shares available too 

Chugach Farm

  • pick up in Chickaloon
  • full shares
  • half shares
  • add ons available like pesto, teas and salves

Arctic Organics

  • pick up at the farm 
  • pick up in Eagle River
  • pick up in Anchorage 

Spring Creek Farm

  • Abundant share size
  • Basic Share Size 
  • Farm Blog online for ideas and weekly content
Four great choices for vegetable shares in the Valley. Even if you  live in Anchorage you can share in the bounty of the Valley’s harvest too. Now over to you, did I miss any local CSAs? drop me a comment or an email and let me know Id’ love to share more local goodness with our readers.