Have you entered to win the I LOVE PALMER giveaway yet? You should, I’m giving away some of the BEST goodies my town has to offer. Best sellers to chocolates, heirloom seeds to marinade we got it going on. So giddy up and go enter, I’ll wait.

Ok you’re back, good. Look what I found this week. WOODSTOCK troll from 1986. It is awesome.

I also found this hilarious record.

 I could not leave it in the store. The back is even better  check out the Yeti/Bear playing in the band.

Oh man my whole family  had a good laugh about this. We haven’t listened to it yet because our living room has been torn up while I was painting and stuff. But I’m done now and we’ll be playing it soon.

 Here is a before shot of what I like to call the wall of shame in our living room.

And here is a shot of the wall of shame painted and the couch recovered too, I love it.

 It’s light filled and lovely. Now our list looks like this

  1. finish the living room celling 
  2. paint the living room ceiling
  3. sew couch cushion covers
  4. install ceiling trim
  5. sand and prime the wall of shame paneling in out living room
  6. investigate and possibly remove the alcove arch in the living room–
  7. paint the living room walls
  8. briefly enjoy the beautiful new living room color before we completely empty the house to refinish all the original wood floors–this includes demolishing the kitchen and removing all cabinets
  9. once empty sand, stain, seal the floor
  10. move living room dining room and bedroom back in
  11. finish dining room ceiling/wall area
  12. construct new cabinets at friends cabinet making shop
  13. paint cabinets
  14. install cabinets 
  15. install counters
  16. move fridge to it’s new home
  17. install appliances
  18. build out pantry-walls and shelves
  19. make butcher block island to replace breakfast bar
  20. finish pantry if needed–paint inside 
I am estimating the time it took to do the work in our living room came in at about 60 hours, I should have kept track though. I spent 10 hours alone just sewing couch cushion covers. Another 12 just priming and painting walls this week. The materials were less than 200 dollars and the fabric for the couch was a pretty penny but if it lasts 10 years it will be worth it. All in all a lot of work but it will be well worth it in the end. 
Here’s a shot of the range we’re putting in


 4 burners, griddle, double oven and turquoise, um I may never leave my house. Of course you know I bought this second hand and it is totally vintage.