How are you spending your pennies?

I still need a new heavy duty sewing machine or someone to sew custom couch cushion covers. ANYONE? dang! tough crowd. I have exactly ONE done and I guess I keep I’ll working on it and make it look decent. My old Singer is really on it’s last legs and I hope it holds out to finish this up. But the big cool thing is that I AM SEWING NEW COUCH COVERS so the list is shrinking. The ceiling is ready for primer and the walls are ready to paint, we only need new trim for windows and paint and we are done. Out of pocket expense was/will be less than 200 dollars–primer, mud, tape, trim, caulking and paint. Time spent has been about 40 hours combined with another 10 in trimming windows, priming the ceiling and painting walls. Time and a little money well spent. Next up the floors, ugh and then the kitchen.


AND the nastiest couch cushion is now recovered–things are simply shoved back into the room here to make space–but it’s the WALL that is so amazing to look at.

and the sunset…..

I went thrifting and bought something, three things actually. Two books

and a shirt. I don’t know about the horizontal stripes,

I think with all the Paleo weight falling off it will look good before it’s too big. Fingers crossed, it was one of those “maybe I could try this look” purchases. I think because I paid 2 dollars for it even if it looks terrible I’ll still wear it in the garden.

I also bought this Sushi book

 a while back at out local indie book store Fireside Books. I love to peruse their AMAZING used books, this one needed to come home with me. My kids are so excited to make all different shapes of sushi. That’s definitely going to happen AFTER the kitchen is done.

Last week we had some AWESOME link ups. Live Like No One Else shared her post about selling on Amazon, did you know you can sell more than books? (I DID/DO!!) Circo Luma found the stool I want, just sayin’ if you find one in Alaska, it’s mine! Young Heart Old Soul has a thrift link up, check it out, link up and have fun.

Leave a link, share your thrifty ways with us. Inspire us, amaze us!