1) If you’re local listen up–the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is looking for the next local chef to send to Louisiana to represent Alaska and compete in the Great American Seafood Cook Off–got anyone in mind?? Well send them on over to the Great Alaska Seafood Cook Off page to get started–I can think of a FEW that I think should enter

2) the wind has been blowing for 3 plus days–not sweet wind but brutal take it out of you wind–and I am here to say that A) I love wind and even I am getting ANNOYED with it and B) it’s not even blowing that hard here but beyond our wind break to the north WOW

3) I think I need a new sewing machine–I spent an hour creating ONE cushion cover for our couch. O.N.E. and I have 2 more cushions and 3 more back cushions to cover ALL WITH ZIPPERS this is when I need a fairy godmother to whip them all up for me OR a decent sewing machine–which will come first?

4) mucked out my kids bedrooms yesterday and they have a disease–it’s the I-touched-this-once-and-loved-it-and-now-must-cherish-it-forever-and-I-will-never-part-with-it-ever to which I reply with action{scoop up and throw out when they are not looking} ONE boy cried the night before the great mucking and said you never let me have pencils and a drawing pad in my room INSTA–GUILT kicked in I-AM-A-HORRIBLE-MOTHER-AND-DEPRIVE-MY-POOR-YOUNGEST-SON-OF-THE-BASIC-NECESSITIES ON HIS DESK I CAME ACROSS not 1 not 2 not 3 BUT 4 YES 4 DRAWING PADS guilt is still there it’s now lurking as why was his room so messy??

5) spring is springing I have a plant table UP and soil in the six packs and I am getting things planted or at least I have PLANS to