Last week was a tough week–felt like every time I turned around I was throwing cash somewhere. Of course it did not hurt us in the long, long run but we didn’t put away our normal savings amount. We will live and we will put away our normal amount this payday. But I realized we could cut back on our food purchases, really streamline for 2 weeks and put even more away and more towards paying off the credit card debt. (It is a small amount but I still want it gone!)  Bring on the menu plan.

Mind you we can eat salmon because we catch it in the summer. If I had to buy it we wouldn’t eat it. I also have a freezer full of frozen home grown chickens and some pastured pork a dear friend gave us. We are also flush with eggs so eggs will be on the menu for us several times. I will be buying the best I can for our family and also maximizing our money, NOT EASY but doable. Let’s see I will also be planning paleo meals OR easy to make paleo meals

Main Dishes

Restorative Chicken Soup–leftovers for lunches
Pizza for kids/Pizza in a Pot for Paleo Peeps X2
Coconut Curry Chicken Stew–leftovers for lunches
Cabbage Rolls
Salmon Fish Sticks
Baked Salmon with Pecan Crust
Short Ribs–don’t know WHAT I will do with them
Curly Crust Quiche-from Practical Paleo–leftovers for lunches
Sausage Crust Quiche
Poached Eggs in Swiss Chard
Applegate Hot Dogs
Jambalaya–paleo version–don’t care just want smoky and HOT–leftovers for lunches
Ginger Beef with Snow Peas–leftovers for lunches
Broccoli Cheese Soup for kids–Vegan for us with “cheese” sauce made with Nutritional Yeast

Curry Dusted Cauliflower
Cabbage Apple Coleslaw
Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Green Salad x4
Carrot Sticks
Dry Fried Green Beans
Roasted Green Beans
Roasted Beets
Curry Cauliflower Soup
Sweet Potato Fries X2
Canned Pears-home canned
Roasted Parsnips and Carrots
Lacto Fermented Pickles

Lunch Things for Kids-big batches to last for two weeks
Blueberry Muffins–homemade
Pizza Rolls–homemade
Fruit Leather–homemade

Breakfast For Kids
Fried Eggs

Mid Morning Snacks for Me–in lieu of breakfast
Sunflower Seeds
Fresh Fruit
Nut Butters

Drinks for Me
Coffee–black 2 cups
Chai Tea Bags–dash of almond milk and drizzle of honey
Prickly Pear Tea
Mint Tea
Water lots of it!

Drinks For Kids
Almond Milk
Mint Tea

Kid Snacks
Fresh Fruit–apples, oranges, bananas
Fruit Leather
Roasted Nuts

So there we go, food planned now I can make a list and do a very budgeted shopping. I can make up the difference in our savings account. Pay more towards that DAMN credit card bill and be one step closer to FREEDOM. Then we’ll start on the mortgage, fun!

Peace and Love–