I recently visited NonEssentials in my little home town of Palmer Alaska to grab an interview with the owner Denise for my radio show Local Eats on Radio Free Palmer. I mean to say though that I shop there often and I love it, it’s a great store! While I was there Denise made me homemade handmade egg rolls, friends they were the BEST I have ever eaten and I do not say that lightly. I recorded an awesome interview with her, I can assure you it was fantastic. I was witty, she was delightful, it was perfect. And when I went to upload it to station it was gone. GONE from my recording device. There was crying, gnashing of teeth but none of that was going to bring back my interview. So I made a batch of homemade sriracha, extra mild, as a “forgive me” present and took myself back in there. It was the LAST thing I wanted to do, I did not want to face up to being a failure.

Denise was gracious, she was kind, she liked the Sriracha I brought her to make for losing the interview and she gave me another interview which was AGAIN wonderful but alas no egg rolls. Ahhh well. My interview with her was about WHAT the New Year was bringing to NonEssentials. MORE FOOD was the basic answer, more food, more local goodies and the like. Moving away from SOME of the gift lines and making way for food. I like that! She was stocking her teas the day I was in there, wow HUGE selection, it’s going to top out at about 150 different teas.

After the interview was I drooling over the Flame Le Creuset lovely lovely lovely. And the best sausage you can find in Palmer

good sausage bad photo

 and an AMAZING cheese selection from a Wisconsin cooperative.

And the Le Creuset.

And the Le Creuset.

I have a small addiction to it, I cook with it everyday so it’s NOT a pretty thing to buy and never use, it is very useful. And I love it. LOVE is actually a better way of putting that.


I was particularly taken with a nice big tea kettle, I don’t have one but considering I make french press coffee EVERY DAY it is silly not to have one. So I decided to buy one but I didn’t because it’s a big purchase and I needed to think about it. I went back and bought tea the next day because friends were coming for dinner and I looked at it again. And I thought and thought and finally decided I needed it and I wanted it, so today I was going to buy it.

I even wrote a facebook post that said I was going to buy it. When I went to purchase it, I felt light headed from the shock of buying something brand new! I carried it to the counter and got out my check book. The cashier looked at the pot and looked at me and said “put your money away”. I was flabbergasted WHAT WAS SHE TELLING ME?? I couldn’t have the tea kettle? But no she was pulling out a gift bag and telling me “you can have this one instead”. WHAT?? Turns out my husband read my post and slipped out to buy me the tea kettle I had hemmed and hawed over for so long. I was completely taken aback and absolutely DELIGHTED. I love my husband, what a great guy!


Peace and Love–