A what? Well read on and see!

It’s the new year, fresh clean and wide wide open. Unfortunately my mouth has been wide wide open in the old year and I’m bloated, puffy and achy. UGH too much of everything has left me feeling less than happy with myself and less than able to fit in to jeans I was JUST able to wear. I heartily deserve it, I’ve been noshing a LOT of rich foods and drinking a lot of beer. I decided enough was enough, ok and our brewery closed for winter vacation (I JOKE), and made plans to lose the weight. Not BLITZ fast, not cut out everything except cheese, oranges and pickles. But rather just simple reduction of calories consumed, regular exercise and normal water consumption.

I am however cutting out gluten to see how I feel. I’m afraid I might be intolerant. I will handle that when I figure it out, for now it means no gluten for 6 weeks to see if the joint pain goes away. I am also cutting out added sugar because the cravings were intense and I couldn’t STOP eating it. Cutting it out will allow the cravings to subside and then maybe sugar and I can have a more natural (honey) relationship.

The first day was yesterday and to top off the misery of the first day I slipped on the ice and torqued my achilles tendon. WOW. Blaring, blasting crippling pain. I’ve been icing, heating, salt soaking, elevating and favoring it since it happened on Saturday. I was resolved to keep to my plans, to get on with getting healthy. Nothing like a little pain motivation to spur you on.

Now I don’t know if you read my friend Heather’s blog. I love Heather, we’ve been friends for 4 years now or three but who’s counting. We met in San Francisco where she lives and I was visiting to speak at BlogHer Food. (a side note I was speaking about getting and keeping families eating healthy–oops!) We went to the SF MoMA and then headed to the Castro for dinner and dessert. We’ve been grand friends since then, I think there’s something bonding about buying penis shaped cookies for friends while giggling hysterically.

Anyway the other day Heather wrote a lovely piece about making chicken stock. I was inspired and set to work yesterday making her stock recipe. It’s pretty much the same as mine except I save all my celery, onion and carrot scraps for making stocks. And I used our homegrown chicken instead of store bought. Which is WHAT Heather WOULD do if she had a farm and a bigger freezer.

The stock simmer all morning while I tucked Christmas away until next time, it was steamy and delicious in here.

And the smell was divine.

After an entire day of stopping myself from overeating, veering away from the empty bread drawer, not stuffing my face with leftover candy canes and drinking enough water to float a boat, dinner was divine. Not only did it lift the spirits because I was able to eat a nice hearty bowl of soup with the whole family but I knew I was eating a healthy healing meal. No gluten first of all. No refined grains at all. Tons of vegetables and homegrown chicken, all organic. Lots of healing gelatin from the chicken and chodroitin for my joints and tons of trace minerals that months of crap eating had stripped from my body. I was restored. I felt better, satisfied, healthy and happy.

I’ve just slurped a bowl down for lunch. I added a wallop of curry powder and a glug of vinegar to give it a bit of the taste of vindaloo. You know what? Eating like this I think I can keep up this ***GULP*** diet–no!! lifestyle change!! for good this time.

Peace and Love–