Hey What's For Dinner

This little recipe did double duty as a Christmas present this year. My husband LOVES Sriracha sauce and I thought I’d dabble in the world of homemade hot sauce for a brief moment. I might actually be staying there though because it was EASY to make and I can make it with things made or grown on our property(except salt!). As an added bonus it was hot, flavorful, full bodied and gorgeous and a complete surprise for my husband.

 Homemade Hot Sauce  Sriracha Style
3/4 quarters of a pound of red jalapeños
2-3 habaneros
6 cloves of garlic
1 cup of vinegar
3 TBSP honey
1 teaspoon of salt

cut the peppers and remove some of the seeds
chop coarsely and put them in a jar
smash the garlic, peel it and add it to the jar
stir the vinegar and honey together and pour over the peppers
add the salt and stir to combine
cover with saran wrap and let it rest over night
in the morning pour the whole thing in to a sauce pan
bring to a boil over medium heat
reduce and simmer for 10-15 minutes
then cool completely
once cooled whirl in a food processor for 4-5 minutes or until smooth
at this point you can put it through a strainer and get rid of any chunks
or put it in a jar and store in the fridge

later batch that was strained

Wow that’s an incredibly terrible picture. We’re having a typhoon? Or a cyclone. Or whatever it is some big nasty storm that has melted all our snow and brought big winds. This is the lightest it got all day.

It’s worth noting that I found there to be very little worth straining out and a big waste of sauce.
Next time I will not try to strain it but simply put it in the fridge straight away. When the peppers were soaking in vinegar overnight I put it in the fridge to hide it but you can leave it on the counter, it won’t hurt it.

If you have a hot sauce devotee in your life this makes wonderful present. It fits the best present guidelines perfectly; no dusting–consumable–homemade–thrifty! You can certainly switch up the peppers too. Make it with what you have on hand or what’s easily available to you. I bet in a pinch you could use dried peppers too, if you soaked them before hand. I know I’m going to make myself a less hot version too, I like hot but this recipe blew my doors off.