It’s been summery this week without being stifling and miserable, more cloudy than I’d like but you can’t win them all. We’ve had a great week, a little bit of time with friends, a little time mom and kids and some quality time in the water. And of course thrifting, it’s time for back to school shopping for me, although I found nothing for either boy we looked pretty hard. I’ve also instituted setting aside money each pay period so we can get quality pants from Lands End, you can not beat their replacement guarantee. Hands down it is the best around.  I did find some cool things though.

We love this book about Bleriot the first Frenchman to fly, we found our own copy for our own little bit, who dreams in flight.

I bought this great set of homeschool 100 pictures of US history-it’s really cool lots of great old photos and some drawing too. I’m conflicted, keep or sell?? Thoughts? 
And if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time you may or may not know I have a thing for office products and yes my husband knows they make me weak in the knees. I found this

and no it couldn’t be 
oh but it is! SWOON hang tags all for me to love and hug. 
What to do with a lovely old cup? Put a flower in it. We have some very old rose bushes that bloom heartily every year and I love to use old mismatched cups to float a single rose in. Every room should have one, in my opinion. 
I keep getting distracted by the view out my dining room window, it’s lovely.