Found a few cool treasures this week but the real treasure is happening. My husband is a historical reennactor and has taken the boys away to the Renaissance Faire in the big city. It’s Friday and they won;t be home until Sunday 2 full blessed days pf peace. What will I do with myself? I have a few things in mind.

I also got out for a bit of thrifting. I found this cute stool 

which I immediately painted cherry red and left to dry in the driveway.

I found this ice bucket last week 

and would never have bought it except it matches the tray I bought a few weeks ago. 

I found a few books to resell 

and this one which is written by an Alaskan about Alaska flowers.

 I have to wonder why anyone would pick a name for a book that is hard to figure out how to pronounce? Thoughts?


Peace and Love–