A day late, I KNOW! I have a good excuse; date night with the husband, Vietnamese food, an art show and the Avengers. I love having our parents so close to us. Both sets live within 10 miles of us and occasionally we get a much needed day and night off. When it happens it is blissfully quiet and I feel guilty for the first hour, then I get over it and move on.

Had a heck of a thrifting week, many of the goodies I found I can’t show because they are in my friend’s car. It’s a LONG and convoluted story but she dropped me off in the city to meet my husband for our date night and there my treasures rest.
I do however have a few goodies to show you because I thrift ALL the time. Or I’d like to anyway!
This chair was found in a pile of goodies on the side of the road. FREE–
There were some seriously cool things in that pile but I limited myself to things I liked and needed. Amazingly I didn’t stuff it all in and drive off, such restraint. 
It was this curve that made me throw it in the truck, love. 
It’s going in one boy’s room for his desk, he has a stool but it’s just not high enough to work at his desk on. 
I think this little tea set was way too cute, for a quarter, c’mon!
And this little box came from the same place, handmade and adorable. 
This vase looks like enamel wear but it’s pottery.
It’s the paint job don’t you think?

What’s making your heart sing this week? I know mine is mostly thrifting BUT I do try to throw in other things about living a thrifty happy live too. Link up etsy stores, ebay listings, thrifting finds, recipes, homeschool tips and really what makes you tick.