Hey What's For Dinner

Whew. Very. Long. Week.

Our family moved over to celebrating Orthodox Easter this year with the baptism of our two little boys. We thought it was an appropriate time to give up western Easter and move to one unified Easter. With the arrival of one Easter we were able to let go of the bunny and all his trappings and move to a more meaningful celebration for our family. Orthodox Easter involves a late night service, a strict Lenten fast and a huge feast at the end of the fast on Easter Sunday. It involves much more but because I’m experiencing it for the first time I don’t know a whole lot about it. It’s very exotic for a Lutheran girl you know. I volunteered as kitchen helper/slave for the Pascha(Easter)(meat) feast and I loved it. My feet on the other hand are not liking me one bit. I am thankful for my husband who will always rub my feet.

Life ate me this week and I don’t have an amazing meatless recipe for you. BOO me!! But I need to be inspired and I need some good ideas! So please do join me for Just Another Meatless Monday and get me motivated. Since Sunday was an all meat feast, or practically was anyway, I may need to go meatless the rest of the week.