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I’d Tap That



and that


and that


and this


This is how we spent a pleasant bit of our afternoon, tapping birch trees for their sap. It’s running pretty heavily and filling our pint jars up quickly. Tomorrow I’ll be boiling it off, it needs to be cooked off quickly. You can drink it too. I wonder what else I could do with it? Thoughts?

When I was reading up on birch tapping I read you’re supposed to use the silver birch, hmmmm are mine silver birch? I don’t know, they have for the most part white-ish bark. Uhhhh if our syrup comes out bitter I’ll be guessing ours were NOT silver birch.  I guess we’ll find out, live and learn, right?

Look at these boys, I swear they dress themselves, it hurts my heart it’s so cute!






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6 thoughts on “I’d Tap That”

  1. Love, love LOVE everything about this!!! Your boys are too cute! Looking forward to hearing how the syrup turns out. Btw, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Come check it out when you have time.

  2. My dearly beloved would know better, but to me these look like black birch. Silver birch has the grey-white paper bark, and I think it's mostly northeastern. But it's worth a try, and the boys will at least have fun with it.

    You could also look into using it for birch beer – similar to root beer but better. I have no idea how it's made; sorry.

  3. My beloved says silver birch are not native to here – ours are gray – and that those might very well be silver birch., So you're in luck with your syrup!

  4. Years ago, a family about 5 miles down the road from us, tapped dozens and dozens of Birch trees and got gallons and gallons of sap which they boiled down and sold. Their trees looks just like your trees. Good luck!!


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