Wow. Yeah. More snow. Choke choke gag gag, we’re all done with snow and yet it’s still coming down like it will never quit. Feeling like we’ll never see leaves again and yet it has to stop sometime, right? Record snow fall I’m done with you!! Spring needs to come soon.

We are now moving into the territory some may call cabin fever wherein you try hard NOT to kill the people you live with, even if they deserve it. You invent things to amuse yourself, like haul away much loved bag of sand and gravel from the mudroom because you think you need it for your snow pile rather than for traction for old brittle people.
I like to call this picture BUSTED
We buy small annoying things to torture the cats with
except the puppy is MUCH more interested in it. 
The cats want to kill her, but she’s just too big to haul off so they stare, with cat daggers. 

It’s that time of year when you sigh at the sight of 8 more inches of snow, and pull out one more project you HAVE to finish before spring hits, because DUH there is nothing else left to do. It’s all been done in the last 6 months of winter and snow and yet it’s still snowing.

Witness the rag rug I’ve been gonna finish for 2 years now…I guess there’s no time like the present snow storm to work on this bad boy. **SIGH**
You buy small things that suggest a warm springy Easter theme but know that in Alaska Easter is NEVER warm, NEVER green and usually WET and/or SNOWY. Yet still there is some hope…maybe? no?? DAMN!

 And so we go on and on attempting to stay sane in this insane time of too much snow, not enough warm and a whole lot of sun. We might call it spring but it’s actually still late winter and don’t we know it.

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