Hey What's For Dinner

We’ve been chugging along on the bedroom redo for the last 40 hours straight, ok LIE we did sleep for about 5 hours, on our bed in the living room. I am so tired I am shaking. Our entire house is a complete mess. It’s funny how one bedroom can create a mess much bigger than itself. And I still had to cook, sort of. The only room in our house that maintained even a semblance of balance and cleanliness was the kitchen. I bought a big bag of fresh bagels, some lunch meats and for the most part we ate bagel sandwiches twice a day and had a regular-ish dinner. It worked well until I realized I didn’t have chocolate in the house, HA! 
I wasn’t particularly vegetarian too much this week so I thought I’d share the avocado salad from last week. Yum. And guess who has avocados again this week, thanks Full Circle.
Avocado Salad Boats2 ripe avocados1 ripe tomato1/4 of a cucumber1 Tablespoon of chopped cilantro4 Tablespoons crispy fried onions-I used Lars Own, you could use French’s
cut the avocados in half and remove the pituse a spoon to scoop out the flesh leaving the shells intactcut the avocado in to bite size pieces, place in a bowl and set asidewash the tomato, remove the stem end and cut in to bite size pieces
wash the cucumber and finely chop
toss the tomato, cuke and cilantro in with the avocado
put back into the avocado shells
top each 1/2 with 1 Tablespoon of crispy onions


Peace and Love–