We’re joining with folks all around the United States  for a “black Friday black out”. This is a direct quote from their website “Corporations offer lower prices on Black Friday because they depend on
us buying their products. Large corporations use the holiday season to
sell more products. Every year we hear about fights over toys, video
games, and clothes. We will no longer let the corporations divide with
the cheap trash they sell. We don’t want “deals”. We want real change.
We will not work to sell the corporations garbage. We will not buy their
corporate trash.” 
Our family is standing in solidarity with people all across the world who are standing up to oppression, standing up for their beliefs and I invite you to join us in the “Black Friday Black Out” and for the equally impressive “Buy Local Saturday” event.
If you need any inspiration for skipping the box store crap, you should really watch the 20 minute or so movie called “The Story of Stuff”. It will positively change your views on the way we live and why we need to change the course we are on, it certainly solidified my views on where I want to spend my money. Did you know that 99% of stuff bought in big box stores doesn’t last past 6 months? It’s designed to be consumed and replaced.

Things to do instead of spend money at box mart on Friday:

  1. sleep in–seriously, if you rush off to work everyday why leap out of bed early another day 
  2.  eat leftovers, and more leftovers,
  3. have another cup of cheap, homemade coffee, that’ll save you 5 bucks right there 
  4. engage in a massive all family game of risk or candyland, depends on the age of family members
  5. have a craft-a-thon invite friends to come over, bring their leftovers and craft the day away 
  6. take a nap
  7. watch all three Lord of the Rings Movies or Star Wars
  8. have a snow ball fight
  9. make cookies with your kids
  10. start reading a classic out loud to your kids
  11. put you feet up and be thankful for all the things you have
  12. cut snowflakes with your kids
  13. dig around in the cupboards and make something totally unusual 
  14. or better yet let the kids cook
  15. stay in pajamas all day
  16. find a place to go sledding
  17. look up local bazaars for Buy Local Saturday
  18. learn to knit
  19. dust off your sewing machine and make something
  20. eat another turkey sandwich
  21. build a fort in your living room
  22. take a long bath
  23. create your advent wreath, if that fits with your beliefs
  24. boil the turkey bones for stock, strain and freeze for good soup all winter
  25. learn to make bread, why not? you got plenty of sandwich makings on hand!

 See? There are plenty of things to do besides spend a bunch of many on crap that won’t last.

Peace and Love–